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Welcome To My Home Page
My name is Jim Whiteford. I have a beautiful wife, an awesome son and daughter born May 8, 2001. I created this site to show my other love which is cars.

I have sold my '64 Thunderbird and have replaced it with a 63 Falcon 2 door hardtop.

You are number 20526 to my website. Thanks for visiting and please come back!

Listing Site Updates
This will list the different updates I add/modify to my website. The following lists the date and a brief description of the update:

2/22/00   Site first created!

11/20/01   Site updated to include Falcon information!

8/21/02   Added more photos of the falcon to show some progress.

2/11/03   Just noticed that I haven't added any updates in ages so I included more on changes that I performed or plan on performing.
Here is my '63 Falcon. There are more pictures on the Falcon photo page.

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