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I have been into cars since I was knee high. I have always been into Fords for some reason. My dad was a Chrysler guy when he was young having a '65 Belvedere with a hemi running on Woodward but I went my own way. I had a '64 convertible Thunderbird which I spent many hours and dollars working on. It has been fun but with a baby girl to be born in May 2001 I sold it for the money to help with the cost of the baby.

I got married in August of 1996. We had our son JR in August of 1998. I feel that I have been blessed with a wonderful wife and son and look forward to the birth of my daughter. UPDATE: My daughter was born May 2001 and is beautiful and healthy.

I also enjoy lifting weights and playing soccer when time allows.

Why Have My Site
I first decided to develop a web site to help me post and sell my car with the idea that in the future when I get another car I will document what I do in the site.

Now with my Thunderbird sold I am looking for a '63 Falcon for a daily driver and fun car.

I have found a '63 Falcon in Springfield, Illinois that I have brought home and started modifying immediately!

My brother Chris is a web designer and let me know about this and has helped me quite a bit.

I'd love to hear from you!
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