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More Changes...Yea!!!
Here are some more photos. There are some more photos on the Falcon photo page.

  You say you want access! This little beauty makes it easy to get under the car and install brake/fuel lines, clean the under side plus as you will see install an engine and trans.

Up girl, up girl. Good girl...Now stay!!
  Now to install the engine and trans! Like my fancy bracing and wheels? made me a bit nervous also!

Just waiting to lower the car.
  A bit rough but what do you expect...this is Michigan! The only thing actually used from this set-up was the spindles and brake hardware. The rest were scrapped for rebuilt new stuff.
The dust shields were a complete waste. I ended up buying '67 Mustang shields from Stainless steel brakes that required heavy modifications to work. What a pain in the a$$!

A lot of work needed prior to installation!