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Misc. Photos of Work Done

This is the Original Home of Nadine's Heart!
The donor is an '87 Mustang Convertible that is a piece of s#*t!
Cleaned and Ready to be Transplanted!
No time or money left to rebuild it but that will come. I just want to get it in and running.
Cleaned and Ready to be Mounted to the Engine
Like the engine, lack of money or time to rebuild it but will in time.
Beat Up Suspension!
Much nicer now!
What You See From Outside My Garage
You wouldn't believe how many people stuck there head in the garage or stopped in the road to check out the car rotated on its side. This thing worked great!
Relatively Solid Floor
The floor is pretty good but I will probably replace it since the patch (not seen) under the pedals wasn't all that cleanly done.
Shifter Opening
I love my sawzall!!